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From the Boat

Whether you fish for Pike, Musky, Catfish, Carp - Zombait is your new best friend. It'll handle the deepest of lakes or swim in the current of rivers or channels. If you think worms are the only live bait for freshwater fishermen, it's time to start thinking bigger. 

From the Shore

Cast from the bank, put on your waders, or let the current take it out - there's many ways to fish Zombait. Put it on a bobber and let it do the work - Zombait will actually swim around in still water!

Ice Fishing

Zombait is perfect for ice fishing, and works great even in frigid temperatures. It gives your bait some real swimming action rather than just jigging up and down in the water column - and best of all, it's hands free! If your after monster Pike or Lake trout, Zombait is your new secret weapon.

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